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Contracts for SAVCFA Departments

Before submitting contract agreements into the ESM contract portal, all departments reporting to the Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration must receive prior approval. Below is a step by step overview of the process that should be followed by SAVCFA departments and the Contract Request Form to be completed and submitted (see step 1 below).

UT System-Wide Contracts Policy


Contract Review & Submission Process

  1. SAVCFA Departments must complete the Contract Request Form provided below.
  2. Once received, the SAVCFA Office will review the request and send an approval or denial email to the department contact listed in the request form.
  3. If approved, the department may then proceed with submitting the contract into the ESM Contract System Portal, which will be automatically routed for approvals and a signature from the appropriate UT Representative.
  4. The requesting department will receive the agreement back with the UT signature and will need to forward the document to the vendor to retrieve a signature in order for the agreement to be fully executed. In some cases the Systems Contract Office may contact the vendor directly for a signature and send the requesting department the fully executed agreement.
  5. Once the requesting department receives the fully executed agreement from the vendor, they must forward it to the UT Contracts Office and the SAVCFA Office for their records. The requesting department must also retain the agreement for their records as well.