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Administrative Committees

Traffic & Parking

The Traffic & Parking Authority (TPA) Committee prepares traffic, parking and safety regulations to prevent or correct related problems on campus and to improve traffic-pedestrian safety. The committee also establishes a schedule of parking fees, parking facility maintenance, and is integrally involved in the planning process for new parking facilities.

Traffic and Parking Regulations
SGA Administrative Committees
Traffic and Parking Authority Committee

Dining Services

The Dining Services Advisory (DSA) Committee discusses ways to improve dining issues on campus to include new branded food concepts/offerings, adjustments to types of meal plans, hours of operation, and other suggestions and initiatives.

SGA Administrative Committees

University Space

The University Space Committee is responsible for implementing policies that promote efficient and effective utilization of all UT space (including buildings and property). The committee makes recommendations concerning the assignment, reassignment, classification, and reclassification of space, as well as the assignment or reassignment of administrative priority for centrally-scheduled spaces. It also reviews existing space-related policies and recommends changes to these policies when needed. The committee’s recommendations are advisory to the Provost, Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration, and the Vice Chancellor for Student Life.

University Space Committee

Employee Relations Committee- Knoxville Operations

The Employee Relations Advisory Organization (ERAO) was established in 1972 to provide a direct channel of communication between regular, staff non-exempt employees, and university officials for information and advisory purposes. The ERAO also provides university officials with an effective method of soliciting and disseminating information concerning plans and programs affecting employees.

The Knoxville-area ERAO is divided into four employee relations committees:

Facilities Fee Oversight Committee

This committee reviews projects and other initiatives funded by the facilities fee, which is a dedicated student fee.  The committee members review the annual revenue and expense budget report.  In addition, the members review and approve environmental projects, as well as campus beautification projects.

Facilities Fee- Classroom Upgrade Guidelines